About Us


After purchasing vTECH io, David and Donna Peterson began to understand that there wasn’t an enterprise technology provider in Florida that was fully committed to a set of Core Values that resulted in win/win/win/win outcomes.  As the organization evolved, they worked for months, in concert with their employees, to establish a set of Core Values that would consistently place customers, employees, manufacturers, and stock holders in the win column.  These Core Values are now referred to as “The vTECH io Way”.  

With our team living out “The vTECH io Way” customers quickly began to count on us to introduce fresh solutions to their business problems, installation, knowledge transfer, support, and managed services.  No longer did a customer need to hear “that’s not the way I would have done it” at the completion of a project.  With some of the brightest engineering resources in the USA, customers could now count on “one throat to choke” with one individual on our team responsible for white-board to knowledge transfer.  


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